Leadership. Mentorship. Success.

We’re a team of successful college students who want to guide you on your own path to leadership and success.

What is Illumna?

We’re a team of first- and second-year college students from Bergen County, New Jersey, who were leaders in our academic, extracurricular, and social pursuits in high school. As we were in the shoes of current high school students not too long ago, we know what it takes to succeed as young adults in today’s world and aim to provide the most up-to-date instruction to help others succeed.

Our Mission

Having achieved success in high school despite encountering social, cultural, and other personal obstacles, the members of the Illumna team are committed to equipping our mentees with the same tools helped us get to where we are today. We believe that being college students fresh out of high school is actually our greatest strength as mentors.

We're Growing... Fast

When we launched last year, our team consisted of four mentors. Now, we have 21 members spread throughout three branches in Fort Lee, Palisades Park/Ridgefield, and Demarest. The Illumna team will only continue to welcome more members and expand into new locations in coming years.

The Curriculum

Leadership Curriculum
Exciting lessons that deliver robust guidance on following one's dream, from getting into the ideal college to beyond.
Character Development
Direct application of textbook lessons that turn the conceptual into the practical, utilizing innovative measures such as passion pitches and in-class debates.
One-on-One Mentorship
Foster genuine personal and professional relationship with a highly successful college student to learn the path to acing high school, step-by-step.

Recent Mentor Achievements

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