Alex Cho


Hi, I’m Alex Cho and I’m a freshman at the Cooper Union studying civil engineering. I will be a mentor this summer at the Fort Lee Branch of Illumna, hopefully blessing students with the knowledge I’ve accumulated in my 4 years at the Fort Lee High School. I was a varsity debate judge, captain of the science league team, and played in the band for 4 years.

I have a passion for mathematics and its applications in the real world, and strive to make my mark on this world one way or another.

In my free time, I’m either working out at the gym, sleeping through weekends, or hanging out with my friends. I’m an advocate of the saying “live fast, die young” and I try my best to live each day out to it’s fullest. I sincerely believe offset is a lyrical genius, and have amassed a great knowledge in the field of offset verses. (Don’t sleep on him just because quavo’s name is synonymous with the migos.) I look forward to meeting this years mentees and helping them anyway I can, nice to meet y’all.

High School GPA