Brandon Washington


Hi! My name is Brandon Washington, and I am currently a rising Sophomore at the University of Southern California majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Applied Analytics. My economic struggles as a low-income student cultivated my personal ambitions to tackle the ongoing academic disparities in the nation. With aspirations of creating my own social enterprise in the future, I continue on this puzzling journey of life, with resilience and hope.

Apart from my career aspirations, I like to play sports and stay active. Usually, you can find me running routes on a football field, lifting weights and contemplating life in the gym, or biking around listening to music (probably either hip hop or EDM). Don’t worry if you don’t like running; I also like to kick back and talk with friends, and every so often, grab some boba. I love hearing about others’ stories and can’t wait to share my own with those that I meet in the future!

High School GPA