Brian Yeo


Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar, it wasn’t until I was 10 years old that I moved to the United States. I settled in Los Angeles, where I currently live. During high school, I became an Eagle Scout, sprinted and jumped for the varsity Track & Field team, and served as Vice President for National Honor Society and for Promoting Youth Advocacy. I also interned for Advancing Justice L.A.– Asian Law Caucus, an Asian American political activist group. Presently, I am a sophomore at Yale College where I study Political Science. On campus, I serve as a staff-writer for the Yale Daily News and have held a variety of student jobs. Though I don’t have a concrete post-graduate plan, I am considering a future in the fields of law or finance.

Though I’m not a collegiate athlete, I do enjoy any type of physical activity, including Intramural sports, running, and hitting the gym. I’m big on the Lakers and the Bears, and I’m a pretty avid follower of a few professional sports leagues. My music tastes are primarily in hip-hop (including lo-fi) and EDM, though they are varied as a whole. I’m a pretty big concert-goer and cinephile, I can school anybody on 2K, and I take every opportunity I can to travel.

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