Chelsie Park


I am a sophomore at Boston College double majoring in Elementary Education & Applied Psychology and Human Development. I am an aspiring teacher and, while still tentative, am considering pursuing my interest in art as an author for children’s picture books while teaching. As of now, I am taking courses for my respective majors, student-teaching at a local elementary school, and volunteering at an after-school program. I am also currently preparing to go with a group of volunteers to help repair school facilities and assist teachers at an early childcare learning center in Mississippi.

I love spending time with people (and dogs), whether it be meeting with friends or connecting with those in my community through volunteer work. However, as an extroverted introvert, I also try to find a good balance in my life by giving myself downtime; I value self-care and usually recharge by curling up with a good book, watching Netflix, or listening to music (Daniel Caesar anyone?). I also love anything art- though it may be irrelevant to my major, I try to make time and find opportunities to pursue this passion. I am volunteering for an arts-and-crafts program and simply just allotting myself time to sit, draw, and unleash my creativity. I’m also a huge foodie; even though I may be putting on some weight and spending a little too much money, I love going out to explore new cafes and restaurants.

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