About The Program

For Mentors

Generally, Illumna mentors prepare for our summer development program during their first or second year at college, and mentor during the following summer. Ideal applicants should have navigated through high school very successfully, reflecting in their academics and extracurricular activities. Furthermore, they should display high moral values and must be a role model to those within their community. 

Illumna is special because it is an educational non-profit where the efforts of bright young college students can make a concrete, positive, and lasting impact. Joining Illumna not only offers young people an environment where they can contribute to an important cause, but also provides them with the agency and tools to act on their own values. Furthermore, Illumna provides a platform for mentors to practice and craft their soft-skills, something all employers unanimously agree are the most important skillset. Lastly, you can join our network of accomplished mentors from highly prestigious universities nationwide. If you have questions about joining – please email illumnainc@gmail.com and we will respond to you within a day.

Illumna is always looking to expand its scope to reach as many students as possible. Interested and ambitious college students, preferably first- or second-year students, can submit a mentor application and indicate interest to start a branch in a new area. After the application and interview process, if we deem that an applicant is qualified, he/she will get a chance to pioneer a new branch. See “Join Illumna” for the application form, and feel free to send us an email for more details about the process.

Go to the Program Description page on our “About” tab. It has sample textbook chapters, along with our full list of chapters for the program. If you have further questions, parents, guardians, and prospective mentors interested in the specifics of our program curriculum can make a consultation appointment by emailing us at illumnainc@gmail.com. We respond quickly. 

For Mentees, Parents, and Guardians

Illumna helps in three core areas that all students need in a college-setting: soft-skills development, mentorship, and a professional network. Soft-skills development includes public speaking, networking, resume building, and such. Furthermore, we match our mentees with our mentors on a one-to-one basis to help them navigate through high school successfully. Finally, we provide our mentees with a professional network to provide professional insight and plug them with different career opportunities available. Illumna differs from a traditional tutoring company because rather than instruct students directly in preparation for the SAT or help them directly with schoolwork, we conduct sessions on life skills that are not covered in traditional classrooms. While mentors may provide mentees with SAT or academic support, that is not the core curriculum of our program. See “Our Mission” for more information.

Illumna targets all rising sophomores, juniors, seniors, and college first-years. Our mentees must be under-resourced, passionate, and driven, as reflected by their background, extracurricular activities, and academic achievements,  

Many factors go towards determining the best possible mentor for a mentee. During the first week of the program, each mentee will have an informal “interview” with two random mentors where they will discuss topics like academic interests, career goals, and hobbies. Based on the results of this interview and the mentee’s responses during the first week of the program, we will match the mentee with the mentor who is best suited to help.

Parents and guardians interested in the specifics of our program curriculum can make a consultation appointment by emailing us at illumnainc@gmail.com.

Illumna supports ambitious under-resourced students such as those from a low-income background and/or are the first in their family to plan on attending college in the United States. We accept any interested students who meet our requirements. However, our resources are limited, meaning we may have to prioritize certain applicants in some circumstances.

Our summer development program is entirely free of cost. We are an educational non-profit organization that aims to serve our community. None of our mentors are paid to provide these services, and we operate by applying for grants and accepting individual donations.

While it is by no means an obligation for mentees to attend the four field trips, it is highly encouraged as they are great opportunities to learn and connect with mentors and other mentees. 

Classes will be held in local high schools respective to each branch location. Last year, the Fort Lee branch of the program was held at Fort Lee High School.

Shoot us an email at illumnainc@gmail.com. We will respond promptly! 

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