We could all use a little more flare in our lives. Our Creative section lets our mentors explore their imaginative side and share their creative works.


Hear from what our mentors have to say about, well, literally everything. Our Opinion section is a chance for our mentors to craft their own voice, and features college life updates, social issues coverage, and more.


Whether you're just starting to find your way in high school or already experiencing a college environment, the thought of transitioning to and dealing with college can be frightening. Our College section is a space for our mentors to talk about the college admissions process as well as give their best advice for dealing with the ups and downs of college life.

Life Management

It seems like everyone nowadays is too occupied with school and their careers that they forget about the little things in life. Our Life Management section gives our mentors a platform to talk about life skills and how they organize their time, finances, and rooms.

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