Ivy Xue

  • Fort Lee High School '16
  • Princeton University '20
  • Computer Science Major


I’m currently a sophomore at Princeton University. In high school, I participated in a variety of activities, such as marching band, playing cello in the orchestra, newspaper, and theater- and was valedictorian of my graduating class. In college, I’ve developed more interest in the visual arts and graphic design, as well as Asian American issues. I’m studying computer science because I’m interested in fields that combine technology and the arts, hoping to explore new media at the intersection of the two.

In my free time, I like reading all types of fiction- everything from novels to webcomics. I also enjoy drawing and generally doing “artsy” stuff when I feel like being productive, but most of the time, I’m playing video games. I like listening to weird and obscure music on SoundCloud.

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