Jay-Young Cho


Hello! My name is Jay and I’m a first-year at Brown University. Since I do not have to declare my concentration until the end of my sophomore year, I’m currently exploring various options such as mechanical engineering, computer science, applied math, and/or economics. At Brown, I’m currently playing the percussion at Brown University Orchestra and am involved with Brown Formula Racing and Space Engineering. Back in NVD, I participated in Rocketry Club, Science Magazine Club, and Math Team, and also played Varsity soccer. Some of my other interests include airplanes, space, politics, and education.

I consider myself an extroverted introvert. I love to meet new people and hang out, but I also need some time alone. I guess I developed such characteristics from the frequent moves I had to make due to my dad’s job – from Korea to Germany, Austria, and the US. You might be able to tell from my background, and yes, I am an avid fan of European soccer, specifically FC Barcelona. It is a shame that I don’t follow American sports as much. When I get bored of playing and watching soccer, I go on YouTube and watch airplane accident documentaries, animals, Korean reality shows, weird impression videos, and listen to EDM remix music. I also like to play Clash games, work out, and talk to people. Some of my favorite food include Korean BBQ, Ramen, and oil pasta.

High School GPA