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Illumna is as much about helping high school students as it is about helping our mentors grow. We are a completely college student-run organization, doing everything from website design to curriculum development by ourselves. Mentors are expected to complete weekly assignments and participate in several video meetings a week throughout the school year in addition to committing the months of June and July to preparing for and running the summer program itself. First- and second- year college students interested in our furthering our mission and gaining valuable first-hand experience with running a non-profit organization can apply by completing the Google Form! Just click on the icon above. We recommend working on a separate document first.


At Illumna, mentees can expect to sharpen their soft and hard skills, gain insight into their future goals, form relationships with their mentors, and find a tight-knit community. Illumna is perfect for rising 9th through 12th grade students who are looking for a productive but also meaningful summer experience. High school students interested in participating in Illumna this summer can download our application form by clicking on the icon above! Send the completed forms to illumnainc@gmail.com along with your family's most recent tax returns (for gauging students' socioeconomic background only; you may redact any confidential information if necessary).


Illumna is built around community, drawing from a diverse network of talent that we are always eager to expand. This means that aside from full-time mentors, we are also recruiting college students wants to get involved but can’t mentor in our summer program. Associates should ideally have specific areas of expertise that can contribute to our organization. Associates are expected to take on roles such as organizing workshops, public relations work, fundraisers, etc. Duties for associates are not set in stone as they generally depend on the candidate’s expertise. College students interested in becoming an associate can download our application form by clicking on the icon above! Send the completed form to illumnainc@gmail.com.


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