Kelli Rodriguez


Hi guys! I was born and raised in Garfield and graduated Garfield High School in 2018. I am currently a freshman at Boston College studying nursing. I chose nursing because I had always loved learning about the body and had dreamed of working in the medical field, but realized that I was more drawn to the personal connections and versatility that came with nursing. I am a part of the selective Gabelli Presidential Scholars program at Boston College, which gives me the opportunity to travel abroad and have access to countless resources and opportunities.

I love math and science, but I also really love to read and write. I am an Associate Opinions Editor for The Gavel, the progressive voice of Boston College. You can catch me spending most of my breaks reading as much as I can, since I never really have the time during the semester. My favorite books are probably either The Book Thief or The Nightingale. I love binge-watching tv shows as well and often find myself getting that last episode in and then regretting it in the morning when I’m exhausted. 

High School GPA