Leia Chung


I am a sophomore fall transfer attending Cornell University. I transferred from NYU to Cornell for the Animal Science major (pre-veterinary track) because animals has always meant more to me than their cuteness and lovability. I believe humans have a strong moral obligation to animals and want to pursue a career that advocates their wellness and ethical considerations. My favorite volunteer activity is with GallopNYC where we give children with special needs therapeutic horseback riding. It’s there I can truly see the beautiful relationship between humans and animals.

I went to high school in Newtown Square, PA, and moved to Fort Lee, NJ, as soon as I went to college in the city so I’ve been struggling with being alone when I go back home. But, after joining Illumna I think I’ve made some valuable friends and team members! On campus, you can see me sitting with a poetry book or taking hikes around the gorges (granted it’s not -100 degrees outside). When the weather does get a bit colder, I like to doodle, paint, and sometimes embroider. And of course, I always make sure to give time to my favorite YouTube gamer Markiplier. If you see this, I love you Markimoo! Sorry if that was cringe. As for music, I’m starting to get back into EDM after a couple months break of listening to some pop and alternative.

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