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Maintaining Your Physical and Mental Health in College

Stressed out? Eating pizza for every meal and only getting four hours of sleep a night? Read these tips from our mentor, Monica Jablonski, on how to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle in college!

Connecting the Dots

Not sure if you’re on the right path? Don’t worry! Our mentor, Minju Kang, is here to tell you how she found her passion so that maybe you can find yours!

Keeping it Clean

Make sure your college dorm is no longer a nightmare! Read these helpful cleanliness tips from mentor Alex Cho (Cooper Union ’22). 

A Piece on Giving Dap

First impressions are make-it or break-it moments. Read about the social importance of giving a proper greeting and how to do so from mentor Brian Yeo!

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Coming Soon!

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Managing all aspects of life can be tough especially as a student; however, doing it in an effective and efficient manner can make all the difference when it comes to handling responsibilities and mental health. Read all the advice our mentors have to share on life management!