Meet Your Mentors​

Every mentee at Illumna is matched with their own personal mentor. Take a look at the profiles of our mentors.

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Incoming Mentors

Kelli Rodrigues
Alex Cho
Nicholas Eom
Jose Rosario
Shawn Kim
Monica Jablonski
Sasha Diaz
Brandon Washington
Hannah Lee
Ilina Prentoska
Victoria Kam

Past Mentors

Sean Kwon
Nick Sepulveda
Ivy Xue
Kira Hassett
Sooyong Kwon
Se Yong Park
Victor Hua
Kai Zhao
Sean Kim
Ashley Sidoryk
Kyungmin Cho
Minju Kang
Mohammedali Roowala
Sophia Baek
Chelsie Park
Tom Ha
Brian Yeo
Leia Chung
David Hidalgo-Gato
Elizabeth Barbier
Eddie Rogan

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