Mohammedali Roowala


I’m a freshman at Northeastern University, where I hope to gain both technical and experiential knowledge in the field of engineering. In high school, I participated in engineering research to create projects ranging from 3D printed quadcopters to 4-legged robots. I’ve interned at CCNY inside the robotics lab as well as at Oradell Animal Hospital located in Paramus, NJ. This summer, I will be traveling to San Francisco to work with a team of engineers in Silicon Valley. We will be studying product design while designing our own creation along the way, getting help from tech giants such as Google and Tesla.

Though I advertise myself as an engineer, I have been dancing hip-hop for 7 years now. I currently participate on a college team in Boston called Unofficial Project (UPro). My money either gets spent on excessively delicious food or 90s attire that most people don’t approve of. Some people have called my fingernails beautiful and I haven’t been able to prove these people wrong. Im currently on episode 593 of the anime One Piece which each episode at around 30 minutes. If that doesn’t show my commitment, I don’t know what does.

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