Nick Sepulveda


I am a co-founder of Illumna and have served as a core member of the finance and marketing sectors of the company. I owe a lot of my business knowledge foundation to the Dyson School of Business at Cornell University. I am currently a sophomore, and have decided to pursue a concentration in Finance to eventually pursue a career in banking.

One of the things I love the most is making people laugh; I’ve written this opening sentence so many times to try and be funny but I give up, it’s very difficult… Anyway, I am a person who never gives up when a challenge is presented, and strives to be as great a person as I can be. My favorite things to do are listening to the Beatles, watching movies, and becoming inspired by people more talented and attractive than I am on a daily basis. I also love to dream! Cause honestly, only the dreamers make it big in this world.

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