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“Why I Joined the NAACP as an Asian-American”

Historically, the NAACP has been an interest group primarily comprised of Blacks. I, as an Asian American, joined the UPenn NAACP to promote mutual advocacy.

Sangeun Shawn Kim

Soccer and Sexism

No matter how we look at it, sexism is still prevalent in today's world, even for professional athletes. Here's my breakdown, taken from my article in The Gavel at Boston College.

Kelli Rodrigues

The Inside Scoop: Princeton Edition

Learn about how I navigate college life at Princeton University, and how I handle the stressful academic environment with a free, relaxed attitude.

Victor Hua

Finding a Cultural Fit

Have you ever felt the sense that you did not belong to a certain group or community? Here's my story of being “too American to be Korean and too Korean to be American” and how I dealt with this prevalent issue in this new post.

Seyong Park

Memes on College Campuses

There's more to memes than you may think. College meme pages are a great insight into the minds of college students. Learn about the observations I have made on this viral culture.

Brian Yeo

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