Samantha O'Donnell

  • Northern Valley Regional High School Demarest '18
  • New York University '22
  • Global Liberal Studies


After graduating from Northern Valley Demarest in 2018, Samantha moved from Haworth, New Jersey to Florence, Italy to study Global Liberal Studies for her freshman year at New York University. Samantha loves to travel, write, and spend time with friends. In the past, Samantha has worked as a life guard and camp counselor, as well as interned at Congressman Josh Gottheimer’s office and as main writer for the La Pietra Dialogues blog.

Samantha is excited to return home to New York City for her sophomore year but aspires to study abroad again in the future. She hopes to work as a broadcast journalist or to write for network television. Samantha is ecstatic about this opportunity at Illumna and can’t wait to see what the summer has in store.

High School GPA