Sasha Diaz


Hi, everyone! My name is Sasha Diaz, and I am a first-year at the University of Chicago studying Comparative Human Development with a minor in Creative Writing. I am extremely passionate about mental health advocacy and working to combat the stigmas associated with mental health disorders. I am also extremely interested in alternate forms of therapy, such as music and art therapy, as I have witnessed and experienced the amazing effects that a productive creative outlet can have on those struggling with their mental health. On campus, I am involved in Maroon Tutor Match, in which I tutor a fifth grader through a program funded by the university, South Side Free Music Program, in which I teach flute to a pair of siblings who do not have the funds for a private tutor, and work on the staff of the literary magazine Sliced Bread.

I am fortunate enough to be able to tie my passions and extracurricular activities together, engaging with the literary scene on campus and sharing my love of music. In my free time, I often (attempt to) write short stories, personal essays, and the occasional poem, and try to journal as much as possible. I am currently teaching myself piano, and additionally pester my roommate with guitar/ukulele practice sessions. I’m also an obsessive binge-watcher of ButtonPoetry, as well as Parks and Recreation, The Office, Bojack Horseman, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, among other shows on Netflix/Hulu. I’m an avid music listener, and am currently trying to expand my palate to classic rock, as I love to genre hop (some previous genres that have been added to my repertoire include indie folk, folk rock, rap, R&B, lo-fi, show tunes, and pop). I have a passion for ballet and will begin taking classes at school this upcoming quarter, and I am a member of the UC Club Cheer Team. Since beginning college, I have strived to manage my work and play to ensure that I am getting everything out of my time, and can be there for any friends who may need the support.

High School GPA