Se Yong Park


I am a double major in Economics and East Asian Studies. At school, I am a member of Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments as well as supervisor for both Club and Intramural Sports. I am interested in entering the fields of finance or consulting upon graduation. Other topics I enjoy learning about include history and contemporary issues.

Whether you’re looking to get work on the courts or in the classroom, I’m your guy. I’m untouchable in 2K, Madden, COD, and any other game you can play. Some may say that I make the best bubble tea on the east coast (not false). I’m a huge sneaker guy, but I also love to read books that help me develop better insight towards the world. I enjoy snowboarding, and am a total adrenaline junkie. I love to travel; I try to invest my time and money into memories that will last a lifetime. Most of all, I love food. I can guarantee that you cannot out-eat me.

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