Sean Kim


I am a first-year student at Princeton, potentially double majoring Russian and Statistics and minoring in machine learning. In high school, I was involved with a variety of extracurriculars, including marching band, student council, academic decathlon, and more. I was fortunate enough to intern with my state assemblywoman, and was able to see state policy first-hand. Upon completing my policy-related internships, I decided to study public policy, as I would like to enter the field of international relations and diplomacy. The inspiration to enter international relations came from a summer trip to Europe with a choir, where I saw the effects of bringing different countries and cultures together. Upon taking Russian as a foreign language at Princeton, I fell in love with Russian language, literature, and culture, and would definitely be interested in working to bridge the U.S-Russia divide. The reason that I can pursue these interests is because my parents decided to move to America when I was 7 to provide me with more opportunities, and despite being low-income upon arriving, I was able to achieve success and make it to a prestigious college.

In my spare time, I go on social media and YouTube or read the news. I enjoy singing, and I am a member of the Princeton University Chapel Choir and the Nassoons (Princeton’s oldest a cappella group). I also love to bowl, and can often be found at the alley with my friends at night. Sports are also one of my hobbies, but more for the analytics than for actually playing them! My favorite foods are ramen, chicken wings, and sushi, although I also like Korean BBQ. I am watching The Flash on CW right now, and would love to watch more shows on Netflix and other streaming services.

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