Sean Kwon


I’m a recent graduate from Vanderbilt University with a major in Human Organization Development. I volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician from sophomore year in high school to junior year in college. As a first-generation immigrant, I’m very passionate about social issues including racial inequality, financial disparity in America, and LGBTQ issues.

I’m an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test, so most people find that I’m pretty extroverted. I can’t go a day without playing sports or being active; almost every day, you can find me on the basketball court shooting hoops! I love listening to music, consisting of mostly pop, indie rock, and hip hop. My favorite artists are Regina Spektor, and The Strokes, and I also love the soundtrack from the musical Hamilton. I’m also a huge manga fan- I’ve pretty much read every critically acclaimed manga there is, though my favorite has to be Hajime No Ippo.

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