Victor Hua


I hail from Fort Lee, New Jersey and graduated from Fort Lee High School in 2017. I am currently a freshman at Princeton University as a prospective Computer Science major with certificates in Music Performance and Engineering Physics. As a low-income student whose parents did not obtain college or high school degrees, I struggled with a lack of resources in academic and extracurricular areas. However, with my parents and a great group of peers as my inspiration, I refused to let these factors prevent me from achieving success. I want others to hear my story so that low-income students who may not be set up for success from the start know that they can make it too. As a mentor, I’ll be able to pass on the first-hand knowledge I obtained from my experience facing obstacles on the path to success.

Though I’ve always been a STEM-oriented student, I like to write opinion and creative style articles, and I write for Princeton’s newspaper and science journal at my school as well Illumna’s blog. My extracurricular activities include playing fingerstyle guitar and doing calisthenics training. In my free time, I play Overwatch on my PlayStation and watch random YouTube videos while eating snacks that are (sometimes) somewhat healthy. I’m an ESFP on the Myers-Briggs personality test and a Scorpio Zodiac sign, making me a competitive but quite oblivious person. Lastly, others have told me that I eat a ridiculous amount, and I can probably eat more than you (even more than Se Yong, who claims he’s the king of eating).

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