Victoria Kam


Hi! I am a sophomore pre-med student at Northwestern University majoring in Neuroscience applied in Biology and minoring in Cognitive Sciences. I enjoy combining the chemical and molecular aspects of neurobiology with the psychological and human behavioral parts of cognitive sciences to explain what dictates human behavior, memory, learning, and the impact of what neurodegenerative diseases have on such aspects. You can often find me conducting research in labs or recruiting participants for cognitive experiments. Outside of academia, I love travelling, exploring, and going on road trips with family and friends. I am an avid tea drinker and smoothie maker (hit me up for some bomb smoothie-bowls), and always find myself stretching or doing yoga in my free-time. I spend excessive amounts of time on Youtube binge watching Mukbang and geography videos. A great ice breaker is telling someone you can name all 197* countries without a map!

High School GPA