Wandally Vargas


Wandally Vargas is from Garfield, New Jersey. She was salutatorian of her graduating class in 2018 and president of her school’s student government for three years. Wandally’s family is from the Dominican Republic, therefore she is a first generation college student. She now attends The College New Jersey where she holds an executive board position in The College Union Board. She loves to help out around her college with the events she helps promote and create. 

Aside from her studies as a Political Science major, she is hoping to become a DJ and work for her school’s radio station. Wandally loves to read young adult romantic literature and enjoys exploring different cities such as Boston, New York, etc. Her friends mean the world to her and she loves to get to know people based on their experiences and wants to make people comfortable and happy in the world by helping them find their confidence within themselves.

High School GPA