Want To Get Involved?

Our Mentors:

  • Gain valuable startup and nonprofit experience.
  • Develop interpersonal skills through one-on-one mentorship with their paired mentees.
  • Have the opportunity to engage in legal work, financing, media development, curriculum building, and research.
  • Develop strong soft skills such as networking, interview preparation, negotiation, etc. throughout the school year in order to lead classroom discussions throughout the summer.
  • Have access to a powerful network of other successful college students and professionals who are passionate about addressing social issues.
  • Immerse themselves in and pitch innovative projects that utilize a variety of skills in business, tech, and marketing.


We are looking for college students who:

  • Are enrolled in their first, second, or third-year at top universities across the United States.
  • Are alumni of high schools from Bergen County, New Jersey.
  • Have a passion for public service, specifically towards underprivileged students.
  • Have excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Want to make a difference in high school students’ lives through one-on-one mentorship.
  • Are looking to make an impact in bridging the wealth and education disparity in the US.


  • Commit the month of July in the following year for instructing a class of Illumna Mentees for Illumna’s summer program.
  • Devote 5 hours per week throughout the school year (two semesters) for projects and meetings.
  • Attend Mentor Training week in the last week of June.
  • Develop a Mentor-Mentee relationship with 2-4 paired mentees from their respective branch by meeting with them at least twice a week during July.
  • Maintain good standing with their college/university, academically and professionally.


Interested in starting a branch at your former high school? Apply to be a Branch Manager. Responsibilities include:

  • Reaching out to and maintaining a good relationship with your high school administration.
  • Recruiting other graduates of your high school who attend college and can join Illumna as Mentors.
  • Effectively installing an Illumna branch through communication with your school district.
  • Fulfilling the Mentee quota before commencement of the July program.
  • Planning and leading branch meetings with branch Mentors.
  • Reporting branch progress to the management team twice a month via manager meetings.

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